Please note that the prices below are based on averages. Each project is unique in its scope. For a bespoke quote please contact


Stereo Mixing [Remote and local] 
Mixing from my home studio “El Rincòn” where I work with a hi-end, hybrid setup to craft your mixes with ease and fun with the benefit of total recall.
Avg. €700 per song for the home studio mix 
Mixing at LEITER studio for projects that can benefit from a more analog-based workflow on a big frame desk. Feel free to inquire about details and pricing.
For each song, I deliver one full mix file and one limited, streaming-ready version of the same.
I offer as optional add-ons: Full mix through the tape (Telefunken M15), instrumental, vocal stem, all stems, alternative versions, and Atmos.
Atmos Mixing [Remote and local]
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Engineering only, the studio rental fee comes on top.
Avg. €600 per day
Recording day on location
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